Acid Reflux Surgery

by admin on May 24, 2012

What is Acid Reflux Surgery?

Acid reflux surgery is the next option if you have been suffering from the damaging effects of GERD for a long time. Usually sufferers eligible for this are no longer responsive to medications like antacids. With the side effects, the symptoms even get worse. In order to solve your problem permanently, doctors recommend surgical procedure called the fundoplication.

What is acid reflux surgery?

This is a technique that strengthens the sphincter that guards the stomach. It provides a more permanent relief from acid moving in the esophagus. It is also called as the GERD surgery. It is recommended for people who do not respond even to lifestyle changes.

What to expect from the surgery?

The acid reflux surgery is a simple surgical procedure that involves a small incision to correct the problem. It will only take less than an hour to complete the treatment and you may even be discharged on the same day or the following day. The recovery period is also short and after a few days, you can be back to your normal activities but this time, you will not worry about the heartburn anymore.

Who are eligible for the procedure?

There are people who will benefit most from the acid reflux surgery. They include patients who cannot live a day without taking medications, individuals with large volume of reflux and people who suffered the complications of GERD. If you fall into any of these categories, surgery may be the next option for you. Your doctor will have to assess your condition to know whether this is the safest management for you.

What is the success rate?

Acid reflux surgery leads to successful treatment of GERD. Right after the procedure, many patients claim that they are able to eat the foods that they had to avoid before. They include tomatoes, caffeinated and carbonated drinks, chocolates and hot and spicy foods. You also do not have to raise the head of the bed and you can enjoy life in a better way. As a bonus, you also get to lose weight as you recover from the acid reflux surgery.

What are the risks involved?

Like any surgical procedures, there are risks involved in the acid reflux surgery. Some of the possible problems that you may encounter are effects of anesthesia, bleeding, digestive tract injury and difficulty in swallowing. These risks only happen in less than one percent of the patients. To greatly reduce your risks, be sure that you choose your surgeon very well. Take note of his qualifications and years of experience in the field.

Acid reflux surgery is the more invasive and more permanent way to get rid of the symptoms of GERD. But before you consider this, you have to discuss this to your doctor since there are also risks involved.

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